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1. Made of food grade silicone, safe, no toxin side effect, safe to use.
2. Thermoplastic EVA material, high transparency, better fit.
3. Mouth trays can be formed repeatedly.
4. Great for preventing teeth grinding at night and teeth whitening.

Technical specifications:
Material: EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate)
Dimensions: Approx.6.5x5cm
Color: Transparent
The package includes:2015. 1 piece of equipment for the oral cavity (We recommend you to buy 2 pcs. both top and bottom.)

How to use it?
1. Training trays
Put the tray on the upper gums, and then discharge the air between the tray and the gums by suction, so that the prosthesis can wrap the entire surface of the dentition.
Recommendations:We repeated the training twice. This is an important process for making a mouth tray. The bottom pallet is practically the same.
2. Softening of trays
Pour water at a temperature of 70-80 ° C into a flat container. The depth of the water is such that the pallet can be submerged and the handle remains outside the water surface. The tray is immersed in water for 5-15 seconds, and then removed.
Recommendations:The trays are very soft at the moment, so the immersion time should not be too long. The trays begin to deform slightly accordingly.
3. Make trays
Take out the tray, put the tray on the gums carefully and quickly, and continue to do the sucking method in Step 1. Press it to the front of the teeth with your fingers and the back of the teeth with your tongue.
Recommendations:Be faster, be careful not to bite hard. The tray heats up a little, but does no harm.
4. Finishing of trays
After pressing your finger for 10-15 seconds, remove the tray and paint with water. Cut off excess materials around the gum line (the line between the tooth and chewing gum) along the tray, then cut off the handle.
Recommendations:Cut off the upper part of the gum line so that the gel touches only the teeth and avoids irritation of the gums.

1. If the trays are not made well, you can repeat the process to make it well.
2. Please clean the trays with water before using.
3. The replacement time of the trays is from 3 to 4 months.
4. It is normal to feel discomfort for the first time to carry trays. You will get used to it after a few times.

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