When can we expect the first results from training and is it possible to change beyond recognition in 3 months?


What will you get from your first lessons?

From your first workouts you will definitely get a good feeling and a dose of pleasure hormones, and this is also an excellent result. Everything else will take time.
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Physical activity gives you a good mood. Source: pexels

How many? There is no clear answer. We are all individuals, we have different genetic codes, morphologies, and levels of physical fitness. Changes in our body also occur at different rates, which is why training results differ. But if we take the “average temperature in the hospital,” the following picture emerges.
You already have 2-3 weeks of training under your belt

The changes are almost invisible, it’s time to give up. This is exactly what many insufficiently motivated people do and are cruelly mistaken. Changes are already happening in the body. The results of the training are there, but we don’t notice them yet.

     The heart, the main muscle, has become stronger. It now pumps more blood per beat, and your resting heart rate decreases.
     Blood pressure gradually normalizes. This is especially important for those whose blood pressure is higher than normal. Regular exercise reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure by an average of 7 and 6 mmHg. Art. If these numbers seem insignificant to you, know that a drop in blood pressure of just 5 units reduces the risk of death from stroke by 14%.
     Slowly but surely, VO2 max, the maximum level of oxygen consumption, begins to increase. This is a marker of physical fitness. Now the muscles begin to receive more oxygen, so they can work longer and with less effort.

These are all internal changes, but what about external ones? After all, you really want to admire your reflection in the mirror and note “but the process has begun, the first results of fitness classes are there!”

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If your goal is to gain muscle mass

You still have everything ahead of you. In a couple of weeks, muscle mass will not increase significantly. And the relief will not be particularly noticeable - subcutaneous fat does not decrease as quickly as we would like.
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Don't expect quick results. Just keep going towards your goal. Source: pexels
If your goal is to lose weight

In the first week, subject to regular training (3-4 sessions), you will lose about a kilogram. By the end of the second week of training, the rate of weight loss slows down, the weight loss will be 0.5 kg, and this is the maximum rate of weight loss due to fat burning.

Don't think that this is not enough. Keep long-term training results in mind and really high goals. If your goal is a healthy body and a slim, beautiful figure, not only for the next beach season, but for the rest of your life, if you regularly practice fitness, you will definitely achieve it. Be sure to read what the right goals are, how to set them, and why many people quit training in the first weeks.

Three weeks is a turning point in fitness. This is the minimum time when you gradually begin to master the skills of one or another type of fitness, training becomes useful habits and takes its place in your daily routine.

It's time to endure and not give up. The body is being rebuilt, give it time, and the result will definitely come.
You have 7-8 weeks of fitness training behind you

You already notice that your body has transformed. Muscle relief has emerged, and the figure has become more toned.
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In two months you will see noticeable results from your training in the mirror. Source: pexels
Muscle gain

There are already first results of the training. With regular and properly designed training, girls can gain approximately 300-350 g of muscle mass per month. In men, due to higher testosterone levels, muscle mass gain is higher, on average, 200 g per week or 800 g per month.
Weight loss

The process of losing weight continues. But sometimes the weight may stop or even increase. Don't worry and don't give up. This occurs due to the fact that adipose tissue disappears and is replaced by heavier tissue - muscle. In addition, losing weight is a non-linear process; weight is subject to physiological fluctuations. Therefore, regularly measure your body volumes and track their changes. This way you will know for sure that there is a result of your training - the volumes are decreasing, which means everything is going according to plan.
12 weeks of sports are behind us

The results of your work are already clearly visible; thanks to months of regular training, your figure has become slimmer and more toned. Fat deposits are gone, muscles become more expressive. Your body burns more calories even when you don't exercise. Metabolism has accelerated. Fat is not stored, but burned, because muscles require more energy.

You eat right, and constant physical activity keeps your muscles and whole body in good shape.
Keep up your fitness routine

Now your task is to continue training, periodically changing types of fitness so that your body does not get used to constant stress. From Pilates to strength training, oh

t cardio - to stretching. Do not give up training under any circumstances; a rollback of the achieved results is guaranteed. The body will instantly rebuild itself and go into saving mode. Relaxed muscles will stop burning energy, and calories will begin to be stored as body fat.
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A setback in results is guaranteed if you decide to quit training. Hold on! Source: pexels

When is the best time to start training?

While you are putting off fitness classes, your figure could already change for the better day by day and transform in 10-12 weeks.

Therefore, do not waste time and do not put off your decision until the notorious Monday. The best time to start fitness is right now.
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Misha Prygunov


You can get your figure into a good, toned state in 2-3 months. During this time, you can get rid of an average of 5 to 10 kg of excess weight. The key to the success of such a result for you will be regular training and proper, balanced nutrition. To get the most effective results, combine strength and aerobic training. Maintain a calorie deficit of about 10-15% and do not exceed the number of meals more than 3-4 times a day. Protein must be present in every meal, but not more than 1.5 grams per 1 kg of body weight per day. Avoid sweets and confectionery.

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