What to give up to lose weight, get in great shape and feel great


What foods should you give up to lose weight and feel great?

How to get rid of extra pounds without harm to your health, and most importantly, with pleasure? What junk food should you give up to lose weight? What food should leave your refrigerator once and for all?
What foods to exclude in order to lose weight - dedicated to lovers of sausages, soda and processed foods...

Convenience foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol, sauces, fast food - all these products are fraught with harmful consequences for health.

One of the main dangers lurks in processed foods, baked goods, sauces, and confectionery products—trans fats. These are real mutants - their artificially synthesized trans form does not fit into the metabolism and clogs the body.

Fats settle on the walls of blood vessels in the form of plaques and plaques and narrow them. Cholesterol plaques impair blood circulation and increase blood pressure. They can also break off and block blood flow to an important organ. If this happens in the brain, a stroke is likely, if in the heart muscle, a myocardial infarction. These dangerous conditions can be fatal.

Semi-finished meat products are also included in the list of products that are recommended to be removed from the diet. Even if they have excellent taste - after all, modern manufacturers can disguise anything. Processed meat does not contain large fibers, only a homogeneous mass, but there are nitrates, preservatives and other harmful additives. High blood pressure, heart and vascular diseases, oncology are potential risks that lovers of processed foods expose themselves to.
So, what should you stop eating to lose weight and not harm your health?
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The seven most harmful foods

Frankfurters and sausages can only be called meat products conditionally. When a boiled sausage smells fragrant on your plate, know that now you will not be eating meat. Your stomach will be filled with: protein stabilizers, dyes, protein-fat emulsions, phosphates, nitrates.

It is they who make the sausage so tasty, visually attractive but, alas, harmful. Problems with the intestines and kidneys, skin diseases, liver diseases are too high a price for dubious pleasure. When choosing which foods to give up to lose weight, don’t forget to exclude sausages from the list.
Carbonated drinks

Nutritionists warn that one liter of Coca-Cola contains 100 g of sugar (20 teaspoons). This is 2 times the daily norm for an adult. But when buying industrially produced juice, do not delude yourself - approximately the same amount of sugar, and sometimes more, is contained in a liter package of the drink. And also in Schweppes, Fanta and other lemonades.

Sugar can cause diabetes, tooth decay and nervous system diseases. And phosphorus, which is contained in soda, reduces the absorption of calcium, which leads to weakening of teeth and bones.
Semi-finished products are a substitute for proper food.

The overwhelming majority of semi-finished meat products contain low-quality meat, skin, fat, and offal. Because of this, they have a very high energy value. Excess calories lead to the appearance of fat deposits and increased levels of bad cholesterol. In addition, semi-finished products contain a lot of salt, and this is an additional burden on the kidneys.
Bread and bakery products made from white flour

When choosing what to give up to lose weight, don’t forget about loaves and buns. Simple carbohydrates, which fluffy baked goods contain in excess, whet your appetite and provoke a sharp rise in insulin.

Absolutely all types of confectionery products contain confectionery fat. Trans fats are hidden under this harmless name. For the human body it is a slow poison. Artificial trans fats increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and contribute to systemic inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

The cheap analogue of butter contains trans fats, preservatives, dyes and other additives that are harmful to health. The negative consequences of eating margarine are obesity, diseases of the cardiovascular system, and gastrointestinal tract.

You can easily afford a glass of dry wine with dinner. But place a taboo on beer, alcoholic cocktails and spirits. Not only are they high in calories in themselves, but taking them reduces self-control and you can “go wild” - start eating whatever you want. Not only the figure will suffer, but the entire body.

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How to reduce caloric intake

We found out what you need to stop eating to lose weight. But you can also reduce your caloric intake in other ways.

     Prepare your meals correctly. Avoid frying. Boil, cook in the oven, slow cooker, grill, steam. The last method is the most useful - the products are not exposed to high temperatures, which means they do not form

contains carcinogenic substances that are hazardous to health.

     Replace industrial sauces in your salad with low-fat yogurt. Eliminate mayonnaise from your diet, or make it yourself - it's not difficult. Yes, it will be high in calories, but more healthy.

     Choose low-calorie drinks - unsweetened green or herbal tea, tomato juice, coffee without sugar.

     Use less seasonings, including salt. It “reveals” the taste of dishes and increases appetite, but it is difficult to overeat unsalted food.

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What carbohydrates should you remove from your diet to lose weight?

It’s not for nothing that carbohydrates are called fuel for the body - they replenish it with energy by 60%. They are divided into simple and complex.

Simple ones contain one or two sugar molecules. In the body, they are immediately digested, increasing blood glucose levels. This provides a short-term burst of energy, but the calories are not burned and instead turn into fat.

There is practically no benefit from simple ones, and it is advisable to limit their sources in the diet: fast food, baked goods, soda, canned juices, white rice, fried foods. But when choosing which foods to give up in order to lose weight quickly, you should not forget about healthy foods, even if they contain simple carbohydrates. Your healthy diet should definitely have a place for honey, fruits, corn, and dairy products.
What carbohydrates help you lose weight

Complex carbohydrates have a low glycemic index, so they practically do not increase blood sugar levels. They take a long time to digest, due to which glucose enters the blood in doses and evenly. Energy is consumed and not stored in reserve. Therefore, after eating them, the feeling of fullness remains for a long time and you do not want to snack on “harmful” foods.
How to eat right to get rid of your belly and sides

To lose weight and remove annoying fat rolls from your stomach and sides, adjust your diet.

Minimize the amount of food with a high glycemic index - it provokes hunger. Before lunch, you can eat healthy foods - sources of simple carbohydrates (honey, yogurt, fruits), and get a boost of vigor and energy. But from the second half of the day, switch to foods with a low glycemic index so as not to gain extra calories.

How to give up junk food to avoid breakdowns? Enter the new diet gradually. Give preference to simple methods of losing weight that guarantee gradual elimination of extra pounds.
Avoid aggressive diets - you may get results quickly, but they will be unstable.
Proper nutrition + exercise = health and slim figure

Healthy eating is great, but without exercise, your figure is unlikely to be slim and toned. If you are new to fitness, start with low loads - brisk walking, easy jogging, exercises, simple exercises.
Healthy eating combined with physical activity is the perfect combo

Our website has an excellent selection of programs for beginners, compiled by top fitness trainers, as well as trainings for those who have some experience in fitness.
There are also effective targeted programs aimed, for example, at losing weight, pumping up the abs, and flexibility.

If you complement a healthy diet with fitness training, you will be able to lose weight much faster. And we will help you with this.
Expert opinion
Anastasia Galyanova

Endocrinologist, BMP Clinic

The first and most important thing to remember is that losing weight is a complex and difficult job. It is not enough to simply exclude this or that product from the diet. If something is wrong in the body - for example, liver function or metabolism is impaired, there are micronutrient deficiencies - most likely there will be no result.

The second axiom: when losing weight, you need to expend more calories than you take in. Our main assistant here is physical activity. Ideally, you need to find time for 2-3 workouts a week, combining strength and cardio exercises. If this is not possible, it is enough to walk 10,000 steps a day or spend 30-60 minutes walking.

When counting calories, don't forget about drinks: often people don't count them as food and miss them. But, for example, soda contains a lot of sugar. Even if the bottle says that it does not contain sugar, the drink must contain sweeteners, which also cause an insulin response. The same goes for alcohol: it would seem, how can you gain weight from a glass of wine? However, all alcohol-containing drinks are very high in calories.

When excluding foods from the menu, do not forget about the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. On average, when losing weight, a person should receive 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. In addition, you can use the standard “ideal plate” formula: 50% vegetables and greens b, 25% - protein products, 25% - fats and carbohydrates (it is better to give preference not to sweets, but to “slow” carbohydrates).

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